Monday Sail

Its been a disappointing summer for us and Drift. An early season exacerbation of a shoulder injury has severely curtailed the amount of sailing, despite such good weather. In early July on a Monday the weather was perfect and a few hours off from the office beckoned. One son, 14 knots of breeze and experimenting with all sails followed:-IMG_1120 IMG_1122



The boat sailed beautifully, far better than it should for a 19ft gaffer and is surprisingly fast downwind.

One more outing followed in late August with a good sailing friend. 22-24 knots, one reef and a staysail and Drift remained stiff if a little wet and felt like a proper little yacht. Apart from the hatchway drains allowing some water below (always wondered why Mike Brooke put Champagne corks in his!!) the boat was excellent, driving through the steep waves and never seeming anything but very seaworthy. We turned downwind and the gps registered 8 knots slightly against the tide…..

Unfortunately I paid the price of going sailing with a duff shoulder so my last sail of the season and a rather painful week followed consuming industrial amounts of ibrobrufen.

The next 10 days will see an early trip to the winter barn for Drift and a trip to the hospital for a shoulder operation for me. Its sad to put Drift away so early, but hopefully I’ll be put back together and fit for next season.

The one area we did finish was the electrics and the instrument board:-

photo 3

The board fits across the companionway and the bolt locks in place. The Garmin Montana mount works well and feeds the depth from the intelliducer. The microphone is now mounted to the right of the Montana fitting .

photo 2

The VHF is screwed up into the roof with short fat screws and is rock solid. The mike now sits on its fitting on the board.

photo 1


The whole lot folds neatly out of the way. These ideas came from Mike Brookes boat and as with all of Mike’s tips, work very well.


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