Drifting Along

It was ‘Gaffers’ last weekend in Yarmouth and the previous day’s forecast had been for light winds, but not quite as light as they turned out…..

 DCIM100GOPROThe sails are all now rigged and functioning correctly. They look great, but as shown by the telltales the wind just kept dying away and the cloud cover had killed any sea breeze, so there was hardly a breath.

DCIM100GOPRO ‘Drift’ living up to her name !!

Finally we gave up trying to sail to Yarmouth as the ebb tide was building, so we fired up the outboard and motored over. We were not planning to stop this year and it did seem to have a few less boats than the last year – perhaps put off by the forecasts.

IMG_1093 IMG_1095 IMG_1092Our best efforts to sail back on a strengthening ebb, was carrying us more and more towards Keyhaven. Eventually I had to concede defeat and the motor came in to play again.

I have been experimenting with tightening and lengthening a number of lashings and slowly we are getting there. I definitely need to add some sort of outhaul setup and add a mast strap to keep the sail close to the boom when the outhaul lashing is lengthened.

The instrument panel needs fitting so I can test the instrument placement and then remove it for a few coats of varnish.

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