Three sails and a christening

Sails all present and correct and a sea breeze on Saturday  was a chance for a first sail for my wife and I.  The engine arrangement works well allowing the outboard to turn and make reversing much easier. The beauty of the gaff rig is the ease of raising and lowering, which together with twin furlers means there is little hassle or stress in the sailing process. My wife certainly approved!

Started with Staysail, Yankee and Main and Drift cracked along nicely.



As the breeze built I rolled away the Yankee and the boat became more docile, but lost little speed and she went to windward well. The peak halyard has a big effect on setting the main and needs adjustment on each point of sail. when we decided to bear away, rather than go dead downwind, we rolled out the Yankee and tended to keep both headsails driving.


Drift made very good speed downwind, fighting a strong ebb tide with little problem. The sailing performance is very good  for a boat of this size. The boat remains stiff in a breeze and it cuts through chop really well, with no slamming, which is impressive.  Whilst there is a some tweaking around lashings and the like, it was a good first sail, short, but showed the sailing ability and the stability of the boat. This feels like a boat that is capable of some great adventures.

Finally, we got the chance to christen Drift properly. A few drops of champagne over the bow……..

IMG_1088….and the rest shared with a couple of friends in the cockpit on a sunny evening – perfect

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