Sea Trial

Last Saturday, we bent the sails on for the first time and it became pretty obvious that the torsion line in the staysail was not stitched in to the stay sail, so it hoisted like a crinkly bag! We still went out in light airs and learnt a number of things.

The Parrell beads need to be tied reasonably tight or the gaff prongs can move around. The lacing on the gaff can be continuous, but the line supplied was about a foot short!

The supplied reefing lines are far far far too long. The gaff halyard attachment has to be a solid knot in the middle or the gaff raises very crooked.

So, a gentle sail with no staysail was undertaken before motoring back in. Damage was a few scratches on the mast, but when I have time I may try and drop the mast on the water and touch up.

The staysail was dropped in to Hydes who did a great job of turning it around quickly, but 30 + knot winds this weekend have kept Drift in her berth.

Apparently a heatwave is planned for next weekend, so fingers crossed for a nice breeze too. 🙂

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