Launch Day…… At Last

Friday was finally the day to get Drift on the water. Once the boat was moved to the yard I started the rigging process. The manual together with having seen other boats makes it reasonably straight forward although it takes a fair amount of time. Honnor Marine provide a box of bits, all neatly labelled.P1020934Having opted for different furlers on both headsails, a few more bits are required, but the time flew by and there wasn’t time to bend on the sails before the launch time. The halyards and stays all need laying out and blocks fitted and where appropriate split pins taped. The Foresail halyard blocks were not supplied with twisted shackles and the bowsprit stays need bottle screws rather than the lashings supplied, but only one trip to the chandlers whilst rigging a new boat shows that the box of bits was pretty comprehensive.


P1020939The engine was dropped in and needed raising a pin to make sure it doesn’t touch the hull. It sits nicely, well immersed, but right behind the keel. It also allows the motor to be turned, which is particularly useful in reverse. It will need antifouling in th next few weeks, now the level of immersion is clear.P1020946Time for launch, spars all up and secured, gaff and boom on…….

P1020950Up up and away

P1020955Love this shot, really shows off the hull shape.

P1020956Finally she hits the water

P1020961We ran the engine for a few minutes, then its off to find the berth

P1020966And there she is, afloat, looking great,  just needs some sails and a clear day..

P1020969Even my mother approved..


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4 Responses to Launch Day…… At Last

  1. russ says:

    Great pictures Simon. She looks lovely. Go on, bring her to Mylor next month.

  2. erbster2000 says:

    Congratulations! I’m sure you’ll have a lot of pleasure from her

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