The mooring bill arrived this morning, a nice sobering thought and time to kick on with a few more bits. The cockpit tent and sprayhood are being fitted in the next couple of weeks. A few more bits have been crossed off the list, Silva Compass, Stove, 10 Watt Solar Panel and a brilliant collapsable washing up bowl from wackypracticals – nothing better than saving space on a small boat!


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3 Responses to Bits

  1. Whereabouts are you planning to mount the solar panel – I assume, perhaps wrongly, that it’s a permanently mounted one?



    • simonw99 says:

      Initially I am not planning to mount it. I found this panel on offer at Force 4. Its a spectra 10w and I have tested it at just over that. Unlike some it is I assume a grp base, so very stiff so should be robust enough to put out when left on the mooring and then put away when sailing. If I were to mount it, I would probably put a couple of wooden battens for and aft by the garage/skylight and bungy it on there.

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