Homeward Bound

At last the waiting is over and I headed North on Wednesday. Having spent the night at Oldhams finest (?) Premier Inn, I arrived nice and early to collect ‘Drift’. I was able to have a look over her before everything was packed inside for the journey home.


The interior is nicely finished. The lights are not the standard LED strips, but two pairs of LED lamps on either side of the cupboard mouldings and a 5th Dome light over the forepeak berth. I think they work really well and are more in keeping with the boat.


The forehatch is has a clever double blind arrangement built in with an insect net if pulled from one side or a blind if pulled from the other.


The  cockpit sole protected by carpet tiles


and then removed to show the additional flexteek and mounting for the table. The second cockpit mount for the table can be just seen next to the tiller.

IMG_0851 IMG_0844IMG_0845

IMG_0863IMG_0861 IMG_0881IMG_0882

Then the time had come for her to see the light of day.

IMG_0884 IMG_0886

And ready for the off….


Bob kindly led me out of Rochdale and on to the appropriate Motorway, which was very considerate.

I had 270 miles to cover at 60mph before the traffic delays – which were pretty horrendous until I was clear of Manchester!

6 hours later and in the dark, I dropped her off at the storage barn. The Honnor marine trailer is really excellent, tows and brakes very well. I need to work out the best way of securing for towing once she is rigged, but that will have to wait a while.

So Drift is now built and here, so its on to the next list of bits to add!

Whilst it was disappointing to miss the last half of the season, I now have a couple of months to finish off and be ready and raring to go in the spring.

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2 Responses to Homeward Bound

  1. erbster2000 says:

    Good luck with your lovely new boat. Be careful how you secure the cover when towing- mine shredded the trailing edge because I was not able to tie it down so that it did not flap. I no longer us it whilst towing. If you want any advice on how to prepare for towing, just ask. How often do you exec to rig/de-rig?

  2. simonw99 says:


    Many thanks and looking forward to the spring, but loads to do before that. The factory did use the cover and had it well padded everywhere, so apart from a tiny hole it seems to have survived with minimal chaffing, but I agree it would be better without. The mast was not well secured and needs a dab of woodskin, but ironically nothing worse because was held loosely in place by the cover! Not planning to do much trailing next year, but going to pick up on Dennis’s rubber roller/ drainage pipe/ support idea. Will need to build one as you have done.

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