…the rumour has it…

The noises from Lancashire are suggesting that Cape Cutter 19 sail number 121 is now complete!

The positioning of the furler lines remains undecided as I have concerns about friction in the proposed system, so want to play around with a few options before committing to final fittings.

The build has taken quite a bit longer than originally expected. It means that with Christmas looming and a good deal of forecast wet and windy weather still to come in November, its first trip is going to be into the local barn.

We still have to fit instruments, collect the engine, stove, locks, VHF, fenders, safety equipment and get the spray hood and cockpit tent made and fitted –  so plenty to do. The final action will be to get the name sign written.

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1 Response to …the rumour has it…

  1. Russell says:

    Lucy goes in tomorrow! 😉

    I have a pretty much unused 2009 Icom M411 DSC vhf for sale if you’re interested.

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