Furler Fixing

The boat as standard comes with a Plastimo furler on the Yankee/Genoa, but Drift will have furlers on both headsails. Whilst open furlers do work for most of the time, its always when you need them that they can get tangled. The solution is continuous line furlers and some of the best of their kind are made by Karver

these work on a continuous line basis so cannot jam and are used on the mini transat boats so they are more than up to the job, but they come with a wealth warning….

The lines are possibly going to be laid out like this although there are some concerns about the friction of having two quite thick lines running through single bulls eyes….

Image 3Image 1


Subsequently we have decided not to use this layout. There certainly will be friction with the sharing of bulls eyes, but reason we have changed is the location of the jammer. to operate them you will end up kneeling on one side of the boat and pulling from the edge of the boat. This is very unbalanced and controls are better if you can stand up straight and operate them centrally without unbalancing the boat. In addition you can guarantee that someone will be sitting in front of them at the very time you want to get to them! Instead the lines will be led back to simple cleats either side of the hatch and lifted and operated direct when needed.

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