Slowly Slowly Catchy Monkey

The build continues up at Honnor Marine in Rochdale.

The deck, hull and inner moulding were all bonded a few weeks ago and as can be seen the hatch structures are now complete as is the wooden compression post. The forward drains are also plumbed in. The visible bolts are the bolt throughs for the deck join and will eventually disappear behind the storage bags. The centreboard and mechanism are finished and capped off. The masthead LED light can be seen reclining on the forward berth.

The wooden panels for the lockers and supports for the bunks together with the other wooden pieces to support them are yet to be fitted as are the wooden doors and upper shelves to the lockers so Drift is not exactly showroom ready yet…

Image 4

The fuse panel, nicely mounted on a varnished plinth is in as is the12v socket. I have gone for a different style of light to the current standard 4 LED strip lights. I prefer the older style spotlights, fitted with LED bulbs as they seem more in keeping with the traditional style of the boat. There is also another dome LED light centrally which has yet to be fitted.

Image 5

The power cable and ‘shunt’ are awating fitment and eventually the floor will have two flexteak panels fitted.

Image 6

The race to the water between Drift and Lucy is looking distinctly one sided at the moment with the chaps at Mylor really flying along – that said we have all read the story of the tortoise and the hare..

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2 Responses to Slowly Slowly Catchy Monkey

  1. Russell says:

    I was in Lymington on Tuesday for a 7am meeting at Sanders Sails to order Lucy’s new jib and staysail. Have you got a launch date yet?

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